Stonesthrow Communications LLC is a full-service media and public relations firm that can help you reach your goals by designing and implementing media, public relations and education campaigns; setting up effective social media sites; and enhancing your web presence for greater business success.  Let us help you communicate with the audiences you want to reach with the story you want to tell.

Donna Bigler, Founder and Principal

With more than 30 years’ experience handling media relations, crisis communications, and public relations in Montgomery County, Maryland, Donna Bigler has worked extensively with elected officials, government agencies, non-profit organizations and local businesses to communicate key information to diverse audiences, shift public opinion and attain results. As deputy director of the Montgomery County Office of Public Information, Donna Bigler developed solid working relationships with local media, and gained respect for her proactive approaches and timely responses to various communications needs. She offers strong writing and problem-solving skills, the ability to develop social media and web sites into effective communications tools, and experience targeting messages to widely diverse audiences. Donna Bigler can enhance your organization’s visibility and get the results you need.

The solution to your media and public relations needs is just a stone’s throw away.

Email donna@stonesthrowcommunications.com or call 240-286-1169.